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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Worth-the-Wait Perfect Pizza Crust

*sorry, the pizza was perfectly round, but mom decided to get a sample before I could snap a photo*

If you're anything like me, you like a good pizza sometimes, but you're all too often disgusted by the greasy mess sold at pizza restaurants.  I promise you that making your own pizza at home is easy and completely worth the effort.  In fact, it's quite easy!  All you need is time.  You can get your kids, our bring over your cousins, nieces or nephews over to help out with the kneading.  They'll love it!

I found the perfect pizza crust recipe.  It has nice crisp outer crust and a soft, tender interior.  It cooks up beautiful and golden brown.   You can make your own crust and get as creative as you like with the toppings.  I just used some leftover meat, fresh herbs, black olives, shredded cheese blend, and a super easy homemade tomato sauce made from diluted tomato paste.  I flavored mine up with a bit of an Asian twist using fish sauce, soy, and garlic, but you can take it whatever direction you like.  There's nothing like the pride of knowing that you made every piece of your meal from scratch!  There's no match for the taste either!

Pizza Crust Recipe

Pizza Dough Kneading and Shaping Video

Easy Diluted Tomato Paste Pizza Sauce Recipe

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