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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hi Everyone!

So I realized that I almost forgot something very very important. Sushi! Well...I have a short, but sweet recommendation. ICHIBAN! This place is pure perfection!! I thought I had eaten good sushi before, but I promise you, if you have not eaten here, you are deceiving yourself. I have multiple friends who never even liked sushi before and after trying this place, they started going there to eat sushi every weekend. I'm so serious! It's to the point the water knows them personally. But this place is AMAZING! Nice ambience, but we all know I could care less about that if the food makes up for what's lacking in the space. So I will give you a list of my faves. Unfortunately, I can never remember what's in which roll, but I know the names of the ones I like

My recommendations
Tokyo Roll
Spider Roll
Richmond Roll
Rainbow Roll

My try it at your own risk list:
spicy tuna roll

I was pretty shocked that Ichiban fell short on the basics. The spicy tuna roll is just not good at all. It has way too much tuna and not enough anything else, so the texture and flavor is completely crocked. Besides that, I'm all about Ichiban. The flavors are creative and no one comes near the delish caviar cream sauces they put on top. I haven't found anything near the quality they give you at Ichiban anywhere else in Richmond. They always smile and make sure that everyone is well taken care of, they're incredibly friendly, and they always show how much they appreciate their frequent customers. So, in closing on the Ichiban portion of this post, you will never get sushi as good as what you'll find here...unless of course you go to Umi on West Broad, right across from Short Pump's owned by the same people :P.

Ichiban (**check the business hours before heading there**)
10490 Ridgefield Pkwy
Richmond, VA 23233
(804) 750-2380

Another tasty place for sushi is Sushi Go Round ***NOW CLOSED***
4040 Cox Rd # H
Glen Allen, VA 23060
(804) 346-1005

This place is a bit hidden, but it' pretty tasty. It's actually a cool place to try because the sushi is made fresh in front of you and placed on a conveyer belt. The table is a huge square with one side being the part where the sushi chef prepares and the rest of the table is for patron seating. The pricing is pretty convenient because everything is placed on the belt on color-coded plates according to price. If you don't want what's on the belt, simply put in a request and it will be ready shortly.

Below are some of my faves. Again, I forget what's in them, but they're definitely good!

Hot Night (yummy, especially when prepared fresh! It has cream cheese and it's so good when it's melting!)

Crystal Shrimp

eel (not a roll, but just plain cooked eel. I forgot how they prepare it, but it's tasty)

The spicy tuna is good to go at this place ;P

Also, I haven't tried any of them, but this place always has some AMAZING looking dessers on the belt. All kinds of gourmet cakes and delicious parfaits with fresh fruits. So, all in all, Sushi go Round is way above a Kabuto-like place, but not up to pare with Ichiban. Again, Ichiban is way above most of our expectations for sushi, so don't let the comparison lead you to believe a visit to Sushi go Round won't be worth your while. Have fun eating some delicious sushi!!

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