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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Best Ever Fluffy Pancakes!

Everyone wants that perfectly fluffy pancake in the morning.  I've found tall and fluffy pancakes, but they were never quite right--one recipe was too spongy, the other wasn't thick enough, and the other was missing that nice chewiness to it.  Finally, I've happened upon a recipe that was perfect!  Better than the restaurants perfect!  Try it and see for yourself!  This recipe makes flavorful pancakes that are tall and fluffy with just the right amount of chewiness that makes them stand up nicely to syrup.  You may not be able to resist eating these delicious pancakes before you even get the chance to pour some syrup over them.  Mmmm mmm mmm!

Enjoy :)!  The only change that I made is that I added 2-3 tsp of vanilla.

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