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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

UMI Sushi!!!

Hey everyone!

It's been a while since my last post. Haven't really been eating out as much as usual, but Sunday I went to Umi. For those of you who have read my other posts, Umi is a sushi restaurant owned by the same people as Ichiban. Umi, of course, keeps up the high quality and flavorful goodness we have all come to expect from the owners of Ichiban. Umi is located across from Short Pump mall and, as you would expect based on the location, Umi is pricier. However, it does play the part to make up for the price difference. The menu has a few of the specialty rolls from Ichiban, but it also has some awesome one's only found at Umi. It has a very chic, modern decor with low lighting and deep purples and blues on the walls. It is very nice, clean, and intimate. You will wait a good bit for your food, just as you do at Ichiban, but it is well worth the wait and with such a nice ambiance, you don't mind spending a little time enjoying good conversation. And by the way, just like Ichiban, you get a nice photo album with photos of the plated rolls. This definitely comes in handy when it comes to making a decision so that you can see the size and amount of sushi you get and the type of sauce.

Sooo...the much awaited review... A bunch of friends and I went for my birthday and we all got a roll each and shared. My boyfriend and I got the Angel Roll and the Double Crunchy Roll and someone else at our table ordered the Superman. Those were the most memorable ones. The Superman was definitely my favorite of all of the Umi and Ichiban sushi. It was sooo incredibly flavorful! It has shrimp tempura, cream cheese, spicy crab, and caviar on top. That was, hands down, the best sushi I have ever had! My second favorite roll, counting the Ichiban ones, is the Double Crunchy Roll. Yes, it does defeat the purpose of eating a nice, healthy piece of sushi, the flavor was delightful! It has fried smoked salmon, cream cheese, and avocado. the cream cheese was nice and warm and melty and the salmon was so smoky it actually tasted like bacon. Can you imagine? Bacon and cream cheese in sushi and to top it off, it's all breaded in panko on the bottom side and lightly fried. Not a bit of greasiness, just wonderful flavor! This roll was great! Highly recommend both this and the Superman. Of course, the Richmond roll (one of the few rolls that are common between the two restaurants) is still a great option!

After we all ate, my boyfriend ordered another roll. I can't remember the name of it, but it was really expensive and it had steak and something else in it. I think it was $22. Whatever the roll was, just so you know, there are plenty of less expensive rolls that taste WAY better, although that one is tasty, too. But if we put it all in perspective, you're better off with a less expensive one because the flavor is amazing! In spite of the price, it just doesn't justify the price when you compare it to more moderately-priced options. This place is definitely worth crossing the river. haha all of you Richmonders know what I mean by that ;)!

Umi Sushi Bistro
11645 W. Broad Street
Richmond VA 23233
804.360.2077, 804.360.3336

Closed between the hours of two and 5PM in preparation for dinner.
***no lunch on Sundays***

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